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We’ve been notified of a scam, it appears that they are falsely representing Del Norte Credit Union. We will never reach out to you asking for your personal information. Please do not share your account number, social security number, PIN, User ID, debit card number, passwords or any verification codes through email, US Mail, phone calls or text messages.



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Wire Transfer Services At Del Norte Credit Union

Information needed to initiate a wire transfer of money with Del Norte Credit Union. To initiate a wire, please visit one of our offices in person. If you have additional questions, please call 505-455-5228 to speak to one of our member service representatives. Wire Transfer Daily Deadlines Domestic: 3:00pm, Monday through Friday International: 3:00pm, Monday through Friday Domestic Outgoing Wires … Continue reading

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain Region has shifted their annual bowling event to a “Move for Kids’ Sake” campaign from October 15-31. DNCU will make a $2,500 contribution, further promote related fundraising and continue to encourage our community to move in an active and healthy way! Our efforts are divided into two teams for this event. You can join one … Continue reading

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Avoiding Overspending During The Holiday Season

This year’s holiday sales are expected to rise between 1% and 1.5%, according to Deloitte. Will holiday spending rise in your life? If there is ever a season of overspending, it’s the winter holidays, particularly Christmas, when gifts, travel, decorating, and family gatherings lead many people to rack up credit card debt that can be hard to pay back. This … Continue reading

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Avoiding Scams During A Pandemic

“Crime doesn’t pay” is a phrase that easily generates debate.  What is largely uncontested, however, is the notion that crime never ends. Even during a time of national unity and common purpose, it is a regrettable reality that some will seek to enrich themselves by exploiting vulnerability, confusion and fear.  While our communities strive to flatten the curve of COVID-19, it’s critical … Continue reading

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Cyber Security

Del Norte Credit Union is committed to providing its members and the community with valuable and safe services. In recognition of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (, we would like to let you know of steps we are taking and are planning to take to protect your financial information and resources. Online Banking Services Del Norte Credit Union works to identify … Continue reading

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The Complete Guide To Personal Loans

Are you wondering what a personal loan is and how they work? This type of financing can help you pay for a range of expenses, whether planned or unplanned. But is a personal loan the best option for you? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to … Continue reading

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State of Your Credit Union

Welcome to the State Of Your Credit Union video blog series for our community, DNCU members and employees. In our first episode, our CEO/President, Chuck Valenti highlights our response, where we are, and where we are headed. Have questions for us? Send them to [email protected] and we might just answer them in the next episode. Thank you for your membership … Continue reading

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Key Tips For Mortgage Refinancing

Actively considering refinancing your mortgage? It could be a smart move. With interest rates hitting new lows in response to the unprecedented economic consequences of the COVID19 pandemic, many New Mexicans are investigating the potential savings of a refinanced home mortgage. As with all major financial transactions, it pays to understand what you’re agreeing to. Understanding the terminology, commitment and … Continue reading

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When Should I Open a Savings Account?

Financial institutions offer a variety of deposit products, one of which is the savings account. Unlike most checking options, savings accounts have a limit of six withdrawals per statement cycle as mandated by federal regulations. This means that you have to be careful when managing your transfers, or you could end up with fees or even have the account converted … Continue reading

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Credit Union vs. Bank: How To Decide

Whether you’re opening new checking accounts or applying for a vehicle loan, you should find the financial institution that best fits your needs. The first thing to do in your search is to determine whether you need a credit union or a bank. What’s the difference? Banks are businesses that make money off the customers who lend and save with … Continue reading