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Cyber Security

Del Norte Credit Union is committed to providing its members and the community with valuable and safe services. In recognition of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (, we would like to let you know of steps we are taking and are planning to take to protect your financial information and resources.

Online Banking Services

Del Norte Credit Union works to identify and offer its members online banking services that meet their needs now and in the future. Providers of those services are reviewed, approved, and monitored to ensure the services are secure.

Network Security and Monitoring

Del Norte Credit Union maintains a comprehensive network security and monitoring program to ensure member information is secure. Activity reports are reviewed daily, weekly, and monthly, and the Information Technology team holds frequent meetings and conference calls to discuss any issues that may arise. Additionally, the team is monitoring emerging technology solutions to enable continuous improvement in network security.

Employee Training

Del Norte Credit Union employees are required to complete information security training at hire and periodically thereafter, including phishing testing. Additional specialized training is provided to employees with information technology and security roles.

Regulatory Exams and Audits

Del Norte Credit Union’s cybersecurity protections reviewed throughout the year by National Credit Union Association (NCUA) regulatory exams and external audits. Any issues are identified and monitored until resolved.

Industry Information Sharing

Del Norte Credit Union belongs to multiple industry information sharing organizations through which it receives intelligence on emerging and active threats to online banking services and member information.

Member Resources

The Del Norte Credit Union website is continually updated with cybersecurity best practices and information for members. Members can learn: