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Financial Tea In The Morning: Season 1, Episode 2.

Global Vision, Local Focus

Local Banking With a Global Vision

Credit unions are local where it matters, no matter where in the world they’re based. Diego and his guests explore this credit union commitment to community and the universal desire to empower every member fiscally – with Tanya Valdez, DNCU member; Juan Fernández Ceballos, president and CEO, Credit Union Association of New Mexico; Malcolm Keyte, business development manager, 6Towns Credit Union, West Bromwich, UK; and Chris Murrin, sales experience support manager, GTE Financial, Tampa, FL.

So, you deposit money into a traditional bank account. Where does it go after that? In today’s consolidated corporate marketplace, the answer is often far, far away

Credit unions are different. We build long-term relationships which allow us to design unique options for the communities we serve. Nowhere was that credit union advantage more evident than during the height of the pandemic. Tanya appreciated the security her membership provided back then and the initiatives it’s supporting now.

In the last year, people have paid greater attention to their closest relationships. Credit unions have always operated from this focus on local responsibility. “When you put dollars at Del Norte Credit Union, for example, that money gets lent right back into the community, so you are helping to create jobs,” explains Juan, adding, “you are helping drive growth opportunities and employment right within our communities.” 

While locale and size may differ, every credit union understands membership in the same way. It’s all about belonging. Malcolm agrees. “Over the past 12 months, I have found it’s been very much connected on a more basic level.” Credit unions meet members where they are, accompanying them throughout their entire financial journey, from opening a checking account to securing loans and saving for retirement. “We are truly focused on the long-term relationship with that member,” says Chris. 

Financial Tea Hot Sip: Local credit unions are part of a national network of ATMs and full-service branches. That means no matter where you go, from New Hampshire to New Mexico and all points in between, you always have fast, friendly access to your money.

Featured Guests

Tanya Valdez

Santa Fe Registered Nurse & DNCU member

Juan Fernández Ceballos

President and CEO

Credit Union Association of New Mexico


Malcolm Keyte

Business Development Manager

6Towns Credit Union, UK – Sandwell

Chris Murrin

Sales Experience Support Manager, GTE Financial



“I think financial stability and, for me, being able to still have a job through this all was very important.” – Tanya Valdez

“When you put dollars at Del Norte Credit Union, for example, that money gets lent right back into the community, so you are helping to create jobs in the community.” – Juan Fernández Ceballos

“We are truly there for our members. We want to help our members in any way possible and just make that experience the best experience in their financial world.” – Chris Murrin

“You have to understand what the local issues are, and it takes time. And a lot of effort.” Malcolm Keyte

“Your financial institution is part of your life through those sort of big moments, and it’s a pleasure for us to help our members.” Diego Muñoz

Financial Tea in the Morning is brought to you by Del Norte Credit Union.

Produced and Edited by Andrea Klunder at The Creative Impostor Studios and mixed by Edwin R. Ruiz

Recording Engineer: Kabby at Kabby Sound Studios in Santa Fe

Hosted by Diego Muñoz

Theme music by Ricardo Lambert

Cover art by Leonard Cummings

Logo design by Charlie Gonzalez at Axess Multimedia