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Your Most Profitable Day: Business Financial Services with Kevin Southwick and Linda Rodriguez Brandt

Del Norte Credit Union has helped people achieve their personal financial goals for over 65 years. Now, DNCU is applying that same fiscal know-how to small business banking. Hosts Andrea Klunder and Josh Stringer introduce folks to DNCU’s brand new small business department with its enhanced menu of services, including loans, remote deposit, payroll services plus business checking and savings options that cater to your needs––with Del Norte Credit Union’s Kevin Southwick, Chief Member Business Officer, and Linda Rodriguez Brandt, Business Services Development Officer.

While DNCU’s small business services focus on micro-to-medium businesses, the enthusiasm from two of its leading representatives is super-sized. “We are really excited to have this new department at our institution,” says Kevin. “We focus on the community. That’s where our heart is; that’s where our passion is.”

What better way to share that passion with surrounding communities than by providing additional opportunities for financial success? “We want to see people happy in the flourishing and comfortable, economically, and we think the key to that is to advocate and hold up the small businesses that are really the heartbeat of Santa Fe.”

Linda shares Kevin’s commitment to local entrepreneurs and small business owners. “I want to help give them the tools and the resources and information they need or want to succeed and grow their business in the community and flourish so their life is the best that it can be.” She understands that the financial aspects of turning a dream into reality can feel intimidating, not to mention isolating. DNCU’s business services offer practical solutions to minimize challenges, maximize potential, and build lasting relationships so you never have to go it alone.

Now’s the time to get down to (small) business. Del Norte Credit Union is the perfect partner.

Financial Tea Hot Sip: Ready to talk to a credit union about your small business? Kevin recommends not getting caught up in dollars and cents. Instead, paint a clear, passionate picture of your goal. A business services representative can help you color in the financial specifics. Not sure if your dream will translate into reality? Linda advises folks to create an action plan by capturing ideas all in one place––on paper or with a favorite notes app.


Kevin Southwick
Chief Member Business Officer
Del Norte Credit Union

Linda Rodriguez Brandt
Business Services Development Officer
Del Norte Credit Union


Kevin Southwick, Chief Member Business Officer

“We know that 99% of all companies who are with the Secretary of State for New Mexico are considered small. That is our heartbeat.”

“A lot of people will start on dollars, and if you do it as just a financial transaction, you’re almost doomed to fail.”

“Don’t look back because tomorrow has the potential of being your most profitable day, and if you focus on that, you will get there.”

“I believe if you build a good model, if you have a good picture, all the finances will take care of themselves.”

Linda Rodriguez Brandt, Business Services Development Officer

“When a member reaches out to us to say, where do I start? We have a list. If this is the type of business you want to be, these are the things you need, and it gives them kind of a roadmap.”

“The credit unions, if you find the right one, are going to partner with you, build that relationship, and help you navigate how to best succeed.”

“There’s no one set business we’re targeting or marketing to. We want to help them all.”

“If you have a plan or just a thought for a business and you think ‘God, this could be something,’ write it down.”


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