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CDs Maturing? Try this helpful tip in Online Banking

If you purchased a Certificate of Deposit recently, or have a CD maturing in the future, we have a great tip for you on how to set up a maturity date reminder in online banking!

CD Maturing

In Online Banking, navigate to the the “Tools” section, on the Desktop this will be in your menu bar, on the mobile app the “Tools” can be found in the “More” menu. Once in the “Tools” navigate to the “Alerts” tab, and then to the “Accounts” tab. Choose “Certificate Maturity,” and then choose your options. You can choose the number of days lead time for the alert to let you know your Certificate is maturing.

Tools/ Alerts/ Accounts – select your account.

There are many different types of alerts for your savings, checking, CD, and loans!

CD Maturing

Once you have chosen your options, you will receive an email or a text message, dependent on your choices, in the amount of time of your choosing.

You have now set an alert! There are many other alerts you can change for yourself in-app. We hope this How-To has been helpful to you.

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