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Two atv riders in helmets, speed race in forest, front view. Riding on quad bike, extreme sport and travelling, quadbike offroad adventure

Top Off-Roading Destinations in New Mexico for ATV and Dirt Bike Fans

Ready to kick up some dust and take on the wild desert terrains? You’re in the right place! New Mexico’s diverse landscapes offer everything from towering mountains and vast deserts to dense forests — perfect playgrounds for ATV and dirt bikers alike riders. This guide will cruise you through some of the best off-roading spots across the state, where the thrills are as endless as sand blown panoramas.

Plus, we’ll touch on how you can smartly finance and safely enjoy these adventures, ensuring your rides are as worry-free as they are exhilarating. Strap on your helmet, and let’s ride into the ultimate off-roading destinations in the Land of Enchantment.

Two atv riders in helmets, speed race in forest, front view. Riding on quad bike, extreme sport and travelling, quadbike offroad adventure

  1. Haystack Mountain OHV Recreation Area

Located in a rugged terrain overlooking the Pecos River, Haystack Mountain encompasses 1,920 acres suited for all levels of riders. The area accommodates ATVs up to 50 inches wide and offers a variety of challenging trails with deep gullies and steep climbs.

This site is especially ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts looking to test their skills against the natural obstacles that the New Mexican landscape has to offer. Single track trails suitable for mountain biking and a parking lot that permits easy loading/unloading of equipment make this an ideal option for all kinds of off-road enthusiasts.

  1. Montessa OHV Park

Spanning 577 acres, Montessa OHV Park features a range of terrains from hill climbs to sandy stretches and is best suited for experienced riders. Although camping is not allowed, the park is accessible daily, year-round, for day use, making it a perfect spot for a quick and exciting ride.

Ample parking available. No water or shade provided. Well-suited to ATV and dirt-bike riding.

  1. Sandia Peak

Near Albuquerque, Sandia Peak in the Cibola National Forest offers both challenging and beginner-friendly trails. With an elevation reaching 10,680 feet, riders are treated to breathtaking views of the Sandia Mountains along the 14-mile round-trip trail.

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man riding atv vehicle on off road track ,people outdoor sport activitiies theme.

  1. Chama Trails

North of Santa Fe and approaching the border with Colorado, Chama’s scenic trails weave through the forests and mountains, offering picturesque rides primarily for ATV users, though dirt bikes are welcome. The trails here are perfect for riders who enjoy combining their adventures with nature photography or bird watching.

  1. Rio Grande Gorge Trails

Situated near Taos, these trails provide a unique riding experience with rugged terrain and stunning views of the Rio Grande Gorge. The trails are more remote, making them worth the trip for those who prefer a serene ride away from busier parks.

The Orilla Verde Recreation Area, West Rim Trail, and Lama Trail are some of the highlights for those seeking the rewards of paths less traveled.

  1. Rio Puerco OHV Loop

Just west of Albuquerque in Rio Rancho, this moderate 18.3-mile loop features desert terrain with sandy washes and rocky trails, suitable for riders with some experience. The best times to visit are September and October when the weather is most favorable for riding.

Rio Rancho is a growing community check out our Rio Rancho Location Guide and stop by our Rio Rancho branch just off highway 528 and near the Walmart Supercenter.

  1. Elk Mountain

In the Santa Fe National Forest, Elk Mountain offers 28.3 miles of scenic trails reaching up to an elevation of 11,600 feet. The route includes a cattle gate that riders can pass, leading to more challenging rocky and potentially muddy terrain if recent rains have occurred.

Happy woman driver in protective helmet enjoying extreme riding on ATV quad motorbike in summer mountains at sunset.

  1. Caja Del Rio OHV Trail

Located near Santa Fe, this 21-mile trail loop is popular among UTV and ATV off-roading enthusiasts. Moderately challenging, the trail is open year-round and is best visited after rainfall to minimize dust and add a bit of mud for a fun, slippery ride.

No matter where you choose to ride, DNCU is here for you. Find your nearest DNCU branch location in northern New Mexico and Rio Rancho and stop by or make an appointment today. 

  1. Gallup OHV Area

About a 2.5-hour drive west from Albuquerque, Gallup OHV Area is set on 300 acres of city land managed by the Red Rock Motorsports Club. It features a variety of terrains including sand dunes and rocky trails, with 10 miles of trails and a 1.2-mile track dedicated to ATV and dirt bike riding.

No amenities available so riders are advised to come prepared.

  1. Aden Hills OHV Area

This expansive 8,700-acre area offers around 50 miles of sandy trails that meander through brush, open year-round for all types of riders. This area allows riders to experience vast open spaces typical of the New Mexican landscape.

Very little shade. Water is not available. Riders are advised to come prepared.

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A man paves the route on the phone. ATV. A man rides through the forest on an all-terrain vehicle. Quad bike. In the woods. Trip to the forest on ATV. The traveler checks the route on the map on the phone.

Essential Safety Tips for Off-Roading in New Mexico

Off-roading is an absolute blast, but remember, it’s all fun and games until someone gets stuck — or worse. To keep the good times rolling, it’s important to ride smart and stay safe. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, sticking to a few key safety measures can make all the difference:

  • Get Proper Training: Before hitting the trails, it’s important to have proper riding training. Many off-roading accidents can be prevented by understanding basic riding techniques and the capabilities of your vehicle. Consider taking a hands-on safety course to familiarize yourself with ATV or dirt bike controls and learn essential riding techniques.
  • Wear the Right Gear: Always wear protective gear. This includes a DOT-approved helmet, goggles, gloves, over-the-ankle boots, long pants, and long-sleeved shirts to protect against abrasions. Appropriate gear not only minimizes the risk of injuries during falls but also protects against environmental factors like dust, debris, and extreme weather.
  • Conduct a Pre-Ride Check: Ensure your vehicle is in good working condition before each ride. Check the tire pressure, brakes, headlights, and fluid levels. A mechanical failure in remote locations can turn a fun ride into a risky ordeal.
  • Ride Sober: Never operate an ATV or dirt bike under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Impairment significantly increases the likelihood of accidents due to decreased coordination, slowed reaction times, and impaired judgment.
  • Follow Trail Etiquette and Laws: Stick to trails and areas designated for off-roading. Respect private properties and other trail users. Be aware of and comply with all local laws regarding off-road riding, including age restrictions and vehicle specifications. Riding responsibly helps maintain access to trails and preserves the environment.
  • Use Common Sense: Ride at a safe speed and maintain a reasonable distance between riders. Adjust your speed and riding strategy based on the terrain, visibility, and your experience level. Overconfidence can lead to accidents, so it’s important to assess your abilities and conditions realistically.
  • Stay on Familiar Trails: Especially if you’re a beginner, stick to trails that match your skill level. Venturing onto advanced trails before you’re ready can lead to dangerous situations. Even experienced riders should be cautious about new or unfamiliar trails. Consider apps like Rever, OnX Offroad, GAIA GPS, TrailLink and web resources like RiderPlanet-USA to help stay on the right track during your next adventure.
  • Keep Communication Lines Open: Carry a cell phone or a two-way radio, especially in areas where trails are more remote. Being able to call for help in case of an emergency is essential. Let someone know your planned route and expected return time.
  • Be Weather-Wise: Check the weather forecast before heading out. Sudden changes in weather can affect trail conditions dramatically, making them more challenging and hazardous. Avoid riding in extreme weather conditions that could make controlling your vehicle more difficult.
  • Learn Basic First Aid: Knowing basic first aid can be invaluable in case of accidents. Being able to manage minor injuries or stabilize a more serious injury until professional help arrives could make a significant difference in the outcome.

By following these safety tips, off-roaders can enjoy the vast, beautiful landscapes of New Mexico while minimizing risk. Remember, safe riding practices not only protect you but also ensure the safety of those around you and help in the conservation of the natural trails and habitats you explore.

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