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Cybersecurity Month Blog

Cybersecurity Awareness

October kicks off Cybersecurity Month, and here at Del Norte Credit Union we strive to make sure our employees and members feel safe and protected. It may come as no surprise that Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise. A recent study done by the University of Maryland found that there are an average of 2,244 cyberattacks each day. That’s close to one attack every 36 seconds! Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to access information and wreak havoc on unsuspecting lives. DNCU believes that education is the most powerful tool in preventing these attacks. We are committed to providing education to our employees on how to stay safe and protect our organizations information.


Cybercriminal Tactics

The first measure in preventing attacks is staying privy to the methods cybercriminals are currently using. Though the internet has changed vastly since its inception, the ways in which criminals gain access to information remain mostly the same. Cybercriminals are constantly scouring the web searching for ways to imitate platforms we know and trust. Social media is a great example and happens to be a gold mine for cybercriminals. With free access to abundant personal information, cybercriminals are able to easily obtain data and begin the cyberattack process. Things like pet names, street names, or any general information will give cybercriminals a higher chance of finding what they need to access your accounts. Making your accounts private and limiting the amount of personal information you share can go a long way in preventing cyber criminals from obtaining pertinent information.

Cybercriminals are aware that the easiest way to your organization’s information is through YOU! Phishing remains the most popular way for cybercriminals to hack an organization’s systems and databases. Employees that remain vigilant can recognize emails that may seem suspicious or out of context. Reporting any email, or any form of communication, that doesn’t seem quite right is the easiest way to prevent hackers from “getting in.” Do not click or open anything you are unsure of and report any suspicious communications. This not only prevents cyber-attacks from occurring in the first place but also educates organizations on the up-to-date methods being used by cybercriminals. This information is invaluable when it comes to protecting our employees and members.


Keeping You Safe

Find out how we are committed to keeping our employees and members safe. We have partnered with a few different organizations to provide a comprehensive resource kit on cybersecurity for our employees and members. In it, you can find more in-depth information regarding phishing, text security, URLs, two-factor authentication, and much more. DNCU is proud to protect the employees and members of the communities we serve.