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Financial Tea in the Morning: Season 1, Episode 1.

People Helping People:

The Credit Union Difference

Security, inclusion, and…savings? Diego and his guests explain why belonging to a credit union is good for you and your money – with Kristin Harrison, director of business development at WebStrategies, Inc., Deb Salazar, chief experience officer at DNCU, and Juan Fernández Ceballos, incoming president and CEO of Credit Union Association of New Mexico.

It’s not a stretch to say that credit unions have more in common with emergency first responders than they do with banks. “Belonging is at the heart of everything we do as a credit union for our members,” Kristin says. Like banks, credit unions make loans, receive deposits, and offer many other financial services. Where they differ is in the operational approach. As non-profit organizations, credit unions place member-owner needs over profits, investing in the communities they serve rather than Wall Street. 

Don’t think for a second that credit unions aren’t as fiscally savvy or sound as the big banks. “We’re not for profit, but we still have to be good stewards of our member’s money,” explains Deb. This cooperative banking strategy allows credit unions to think and act locally. Juan agrees, pointing out that a typical financial institution isn’t agile enough to respond directly to what’s going on in the community. “It’s credit unions that are owned by our members, that are owned by our people that are there, serving them, really getting to know them, holding their hand, and offering the right products and services to meet their needs.”

Financial Tea Hot Sip: You can set up an appointment with a financial advisor at your local credit union. Financial advisors help members create a plan foFr financial success – no judgment, no strings attached. 

Working together to strengthen individual financial well-being; that’s the benefit of belonging. 

Featured Guests

Kristin Harrison

Director of Business Development

WebStrategies, Inc.


Deb Salazar

Chief Experience Officer

Del Norte Credit Union


Juan Fernández Ceballos

Incoming President and CEO

Credit Union Association of New Mexico



“I don’t think anyone works harder for a member than a credit union.” – Kristin Harrison

“We operate probably just like a bank, but deep down inside, at the core who we are, it’s really about people helping people.” – Deb Salazar

“When banks fail, other financial institutions fail or don’t serve the members, it’s credit unions that are there serving the members.” – Juan Fernández Ceballos

“Whether your credit union is in New Mexico or Michigan, employees and members agree: credit unions are designed to make financial fitness accessible to everyone.” – Diego Muñoz


Financial Tea in the Morning is brought to you by Del Norte Credit Union.

Produced and Edited by Andrea Klunder at The Creative Impostor Studios and mixed by Edwin R. Ruiz

Recording Engineer: Kabby at Kabby Sound Studios in Santa Fe

Hosted by Diego Muñoz

Theme music by Ricardo Lambert

Cover art by Leonard Cummings

Logo design by Charlie Gonzalez at Axess Multimedia