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Mission, Vision, Values: Making an Impact with a Credit Union Career

Belonging cuts both ways with credit unions. In addition to the personalized financial expertise that members receive, credit unions also offer meaningful career opportunities and advancement to their employees. Diego and his guests explore the personal and professional impact that credit unions can have, especially in communities of color – with  Juan Fernández Ceballos, president and CEO, Credit Union Association of New Mexico; Deb Salazar, chief experience officer, Del Norte Credit Union; and Chris Murrin, sales experience support manager, GTE Financial. 

Credit unions aren’t just great places to bank; they’re great places to work, too! Because they cater to the specific needs of their community, every credit union offers its members and staff a chance to truly belong. “Credit unions do great things for the communities, do great things for their customers, their employees,” says Deb, who began her credit union career in 2006. “I went to work for a credit union in Albuquerque, and it was like coming out of the dark into the light.” She’s excited to watch as the next generation of employees define Del Norteño pride for themselves and advance DNCU’s mission, vision, and values in their own unique ways. 

Like Deb, once Juan started working for a credit union, he never looked back. While his primary focus is on creating more awareness around what credit unions can do for their members, Juan’s also looking at opportunities to recruit young talent into leadership roles, especially among Latinos and people of color. “As we work toward creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive credit union movement, we need to invest in the leadership, coaching, and mentoring programs that are needed to help build up our staff and our members.” 

There’s no better expression of wholehearted belonging than a credit union career. “We give so much of ourselves for our members, communities, and each other, especially in challenging times,” agrees Chris, adding that the culture has more in common with a family business than an imposing institution. “It just makes you feel like you’re part of something,” he says.

Financial Tea Hot Sip: You don’t necessarily need to belong to a specific professional group or organization to become a credit union member. Search for the nearest credit unions in your community. Find one with a mission and culture that fits your needs. You’re just a few clicks away from belonging!

Featured Guests

Deb Salazar

Chief Experience Officer

Del Norte Credit Union


Juan Fernández Ceballos

President and CEO

Credit Union Association of New Mexico


Chris Murrin

Sales Experience Support Manager

GTE Financial



“Credit unions do great things for the communities, do great things for their customers, their employees.” – Deb Salazar 

“We have to take really good care of each other as a team to take really good care of our members and the communities at large.” – Deb Salazar

“Credit unions are not just a great place to bank, it’s a great place for you to come and really make your dreams come true as an individual, as a consumer, but also potentially, it’s a great place for you to build a career.” – Juan Fernández Ceballos

“I’ve been able to personally see firsthand how we change lives and transform people and help them along their journey, reach their goals and their objectives.” – Juan Fernández Ceballos

“We give so much of ourselves for our members, communities, and each other, especially in challenging times.” — Chris Murrin

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