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10 Issues to Consider When Opening a Credit Card in 2024

They’re seemingly everywhere. All the time. Credit card offers arrive in the mail, fill our email inboxes, clutter our web pages, and frequently interrupt our favorite shows. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices for credit cards nowadays, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll detail the most important considerations when choosing a credit card and give you … Continue reading

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Things to Consider Before You Cancel a Credit Card

The average New Mexican is carrying about $5,851 in credit card debt. While our state’s average credit card balance is lower than other states in the U.S., carrying a balance from month to month on your credit card can still be damaging to your finances. So, whether you are thinking about closing a credit card account in order to pay … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Improve Your Credit by Using Credit Cards

Are you wondering how to boost your credit score? Whether you’re getting ready to apply for a new loan or working to rebuild your credit after a period of financial hardship, this article will cover everything you need to know about credit cards and credit score. Have questions or need help choosing between credit union credit cards in New Mexico? … Continue reading

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Strategies & Tactics for Managing Revolving Debt

New Mexicans carry the highest level of credit card debt relative to their income, according to a 2019 article in the Albuquerque Journal. After a year like 2020, many in New Mexico are struggling with challenges like loss of income and growing debt. In this article, we’ll cover tactics and strategies you can use to manage revolving debt such as … Continue reading

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Credit Card Balance Transfer As Low As 6.90%APR* For Life!

Get out of debt faster with a DNCU Visa Credit Card Balance Transfer For LIFE! NO Annual Fees NO Balance Transfer Fees LOCK IN A 6.90%APR* FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR TRANSFERRED BALANCES! This offer ended on March 1st VISIT DNCU CREDIT CARDS *Annual Percentage Rate. Offer for well-qualified borrowers, some restrictions apply. Promotion for external consolidations only. Balance Transfer … Continue reading