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Checklist for Winterizing Your Home in New Mexico

While New Mexico is known for its pleasant climate, temperatures can fall sharply overnight, and the higher in elevation you are, the colder you can expect the temperature to be. Winter in New Mexico is the driest season of the year. Still, snow can fall in mountain areas and the valleys can see rain over the winter. So, winterizing a … Continue reading

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State Of Your Credit Union Virtual Open House: Episode 1 — The Homebuying Process

Thinking about purchasing your forever home? Del Norte Credit Union is here to help you navigate this unfamiliar process. Join us for our first State of Your Credit Union, a virtual open house series designed to bring our members and our communities valuable information to get you financial fit. Episode 1 will cover the home-buying process with our guests from … Continue reading

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HELOC and Home Equity Loans: How They Work and the Benefits of Financing Home Improvement Projects

Are you considering a major home renovation or repair for your house in New Mexico? Home improvement projects have been popular during the pandemic, with everyone spending more time at home and looking to refresh and repurpose their space. Interest rates have also been historically low lately, making it a great time to tap the equity in your home for … Continue reading

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Guide To Refinancing Your Mortgage in New Mexico

Along with rising optimism comes rising mortgage rates, according to a recent report from FreddieMac, which also notes that rates “remain near historic lows.” So, if you’re considering a mortgage refinance, you haven’t missed the boat on historically low rates, but you don’t want to wait too long. Why refinance your mortgage in New Mexico? Perhaps you want to save … Continue reading

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Forward Together With DNCU and The Food Depot

It’s important to choose financial partners that are making a difference. That’s why Del Norte Credit Union is helping feed New Mexico families this winter with the help of The Food Depot! Between November 23 – December 31, choose DNCU for your next checking account, auto loan or mortgage and we will make a contribution on your behalf. FOR EVERY … Continue reading

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Key Tips For Mortgage Refinancing

Actively considering refinancing your mortgage? It could be a smart move. With interest rates hitting new lows in response to the unprecedented economic consequences of the COVID19 pandemic, many New Mexicans are investigating the potential savings of a refinanced home mortgage. As with all major financial transactions, it pays to understand what you’re agreeing to. Understanding the terminology, commitment and … Continue reading

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The Credit Union Difference When It Comes to Mortgages

Perhaps you have been a loyal bank customer all your life, partnering with one branch to open new accounts and tend to other financial services. Now, as you’re taking the next steps to invest in your first home, you’re reaching out to the same bank to learn about their mortgage and financing options. While there is something to be said … Continue reading

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How Much Can I Afford to Spend on a Home?

Whether you are shopping in Santa Fe, Española, Los Alamos or elsewhere in Northern New Mexico, buying a home can be an exciting time in your life. Since it is usually the biggest purchase in your life, buying a home usually comes with stress. When you try to figure out how much you can afford to pay on your New … Continue reading

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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

If you’re looking at ways to pay for your child’s college education or to do home improvements, tapping into your home’s equity is one way to come up with extra funds. Home equity is the difference between what you owe on the mortgage and what your home could sell for. A home equity line of credit or HELOC can also … Continue reading

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Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

What are Adjustable-Rate Mortgages? The adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), also known as a variable-rate mortgage, is a loan with an interest rate that fluctuates over time depending on market conditions. These home loans can be used when fixed-rate loans are hard to acquire. With an ARM, a rise in interest rates results in higher monthly payments, while monthly payments fall if … Continue reading