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How to Pay for Home Renovations

Whether you’re dreaming of a chef’s kitchen, modern bathroom, or home addition, you’re not alone. Many homeowners have been remodeling instead of moving during a tight real estate market. Whether you’re looking for renovation projects that will add lasting value to your house or just trying to change things up to work better for you, you’re probably wondering about the … Continue reading

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Debt Relief Help: How and When to Consolidate Your Debt

With an average annual salary of $46,744 and an average credit card balance of $8,323, many New Mexicans are struggling under the burden of high-interest revolving debt. Once you’re in the hole with credit card debt, it’s hard to break the cycle and get your card balances back to zero. Debt consolidation is one option to help you pay off … Continue reading

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Checklist for Winterizing Your Home in New Mexico

While New Mexico is known for its pleasant climate, temperatures can fall sharply overnight, and the higher in elevation you are, the colder you can expect the temperature to be. Winter in New Mexico is the driest season of the year. Still, snow can fall in mountain areas and the valleys can see rain over the winter. So, winterizing a … Continue reading

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The Complete Guide To Payday Loans In New Mexico

Are you looking for a convenient way to cover a bill or emergency expense in between paychecks? You’ve probably heard about payday loans but may not be sure how they work in New Mexico. In this complete guide, we’ll provide the information you need to use payday loans responsibly in New Mexico. If you still have questions, our knowledgeable employees … Continue reading

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Strategies & Tactics for Managing Revolving Debt

New Mexicans carry the highest level of credit card debt relative to their income, according to a 2019 article in the Albuquerque Journal. After a year like 2020, many in New Mexico are struggling with challenges like loss of income and growing debt. In this article, we’ll cover tactics and strategies you can use to manage revolving debt such as … Continue reading

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The Complete Guide To Personal Loans

Are you wondering what a personal loan is and how they work? This type of financing can help you pay for a range of expenses, whether planned or unplanned. But is a personal loan the best option for you? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to … Continue reading